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The objective of the second IGOS Cryosphere Theme workshop is to bring together representatives from the user and scientific communities to identify the major issues on cryospheric information needs.  The goals are to:
  • review the Cryosphere Theme proposal history, process, and status,

  • examine current and planned observational capabilities, applications, and observational requirements, particularly from an Asian perspective, 
  • discuss applications, including modeling, of cryospheric data and societal impacts,
  • examine possibilities for an integrated observing system, where integrated refers to combined in situ and remote sensing measurements,
  • compare and contrast these capabilities, requirements, applications, and benefits with those in the current draft of the Theme Report,

  • to the extent reasonable and possible, finalize the draft of the Theme Report for presentation to the CEOS SIT and IGOS Partners in May,

  • expand the Theme Team as appropriate.