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Presentations from the Kananaskis workshop, if available, are listed below.

Speaker Topic Download
Colin Summerhayes SCAR perspective
Barry Goodison CliC perspective; CRYSYS PPT
Vladimir Ryabinin WCRP perspective PPT
Daniel De Lisle CEOS/IGOS and the CSA perspective PPT
Jeff Key Theme status and workshop objectives PPT
Anne Walker Snow cover: current capabilities and gaps PPT
Done Cline Operational snow cover requirements PPT
Paul Joe GPM mission requirements PPT
Sharon Smith GTN-Permafrost PPT
Mike Manore Operational ice monitoring requirements PPT
Walt Meier Multi-sensor sea ice observations PPT
Claude Duguay Lake ice monitoring PPT
Joey Comiso Decadal changes in polar sea ice cover PPT
Fumihiko Nishio Polar sea ice cover from AMSR-E PPT
Tom Agnew Sea ice transport with AMSR-E PPT
Ken Jezek Terrestrial ice sheets PPT
Ken Jezek Spaceborne imaging of ice sheet base PPT
Martin Sharp An observing system for Canadian Arctic ice caps PPT
Laurence Gray Remote sensing of ice cap and glacier mass balance PDF
Walt Meier/Mark Parsons Data management PPT
Jeff Key Comments on atmospheric forcing PPT