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Theme Report



This is an international initiative, relevant to ALL aspects of the cryosphere and ALL cryospheric scientists. Your input is not only appreciated, it is essential. Therefore, we have a number of mechanisms for you to express your opinion, provide information, and stimulate discussions:

  • Email: If you have comments that you'd prefer to keep private, or don't think would be of interest to others, send a message to the appropriate chapter lead.

  • Forum: As the official comment period has ended, the forum is now closed. A forum for discussion has been established. Use the forum to send your comments on the Theme Report, keeping in mind that anybody will be able to read them and post a response. The report lead authors will monitor the forum and will respond. This is often better than sending email messages directly to the report authors because other contributors can see what has been suggested and can post their own opinion. There are categories that roughly correspond to the different chapters of the report, e.g., sea ice, permafrost, implementation, and recommendations. Due to relentless spammers, we have to require a two-step registration procedure. You will have to register at the forum site, then wait for the forum administrator (Jeff Key) to authorize your registration. This might take minutes, hours, or a day. Sorry.

  • Blog: A blog has been created for a more in-depth expression of ideas. It is something between a forum and a newsletter. Communication is more one-way than two-way (or n-way), though anybody can post comments on a blog item. To contribute an item (beyond a comment) to the blog, you must register at Wordpress.com, then send a message to the Theme lead and state what email address you're registered with. You can then be added to the blog site as an author.