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Theme Report



The following documents are available.  Some are PDF, some are MS Word, some are RTF format.

Cryosphere Theme Documents:
Cryosphere Theme Report, v1.0, 26 August 2007 (PDF formatted for A4 paper). Citation.
Recommendations from the Cryosphere Theme Report, (PDF).
Report author list
Cryosphere Theme poster (1-page handout) (PDF | PPT)
Cryosphere Theme logos
Cryosphere implementation tables (DRAFTS): top-level, snow, sea ice, freshwater, glacier, permafrost
Presentation to IGOS Partners at IGOS-P-14, 30 May 2007, when the Report was up for approval.
Cryosphere Theme proposal to the IGOS Partners (PDF), 14 February 2005
A short version of Vladimir Ryabinin's May 2004 presentation to IGOS-P (Powerpoint), 27 May 2004

Other IGOS Theme Reports:
Geohazards theme report and theme poster 
Water Cycle theme report and theme poster
Atmospheric Chemistry theme report and theme poster
Oceans theme report
Coastal theme report
Land theme DRAFT report
Carbon cycle theme report.   Click here for a list figures (*.ppt files).
Carbon cycle implementation plan.
Relevant Documents:
Toward an Integrated Arctic Observing Network, from the National Research Council
A white paper on a global cryospheric climate monitoring system (A European "proposal" by Solberg et al.)
ICARP Working Group 7 report on cryospheric and hydrological processes and systems, a science plan
Systematic Observation Requirements for Satellite-based Products for Climate from GCOS
AOSB-CliC Observing Plan for the International Polar Year
CEOS response to GCOS Implementation Plan
The GCOS Second Report on the Adequacy of the Global Observing System
GCOS Implementation Plan for the Global Observing System for Climate in Support of the UNFCCC
GCOS Annex on technical requirements for climate monitoring
Canadian GCOS planGCOS cryoshere summary report.  More detailed  reports are also available.
Canadian GCOS planGCOS cryoshere summary report.  More detailed  reports are also available.
CEOS Virtual Constellation concept (Draft)
JCOMM Expert Team on Sea Ice Second Session Report (April 2004, Hamburg)
Ice Information Services, socio-economic benefits and earth observation requirements  by the International Ice Charting Working Group
Report of the 8th Session of the Global Digital Sea Ice Data Bank Steering Group, Ottawa, 30 April - 1 May 2000
CEOS ice hazards report from the Disaster Management Support Group
Report of the SCAR ISMASS working group (also in Global & Planetary Change v42,  July 2004).  Main document | Fig 1 | Fig 2
Earth Observation Handbook (ESA).  Good source of satellite information.  (Copied locally from the ESA site.)
Cryosphere chapter of the EOS Science Plan.
CliC Science Plan
Paper by R. Barry on mountain climate change and cryospheric responses.
Part of a report to NASA on cryospheric research with SAR and InSAR (from K. Jezek)
EuroGOOS Arctic Task Team Planning Document
EnviSnow requirements document (draft) covering some snow variables
EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facilities hydrology report, including requirements for snow
NRC/NAS report on climate data records
Arctic Climate Impacts Assessment highlights
ICSU report on socioeconomic dataThe recommendations should be addressed in the theme reports.
World Climate Data and Monitoring Programme series: See Guidelines for Managing Changes in Climate Observation Programmes (WCDMP-62) and Guidelines on Climate Data Management (WCDMP-60)
Global Outlook for Ice and Snow from UNEP (link to site)

IGOS Theme Development:
IGOS-P Process Paper.  Explains the process for Theme proposals and reports.
Approval compliance checklist.  A Theme must meet the criteria in this list. This is an example from another theme.
Theme publication guidance (report document formatting)